Lucia Načinović-Prskalo @ FF in Zagreb

Lucia Načinović-Prskalo defended PhD "Automatic Prediction and Modelling of Croatian Prosodic Features Based on Text" under supervision of prof. Nives Mikelić-Preradović, at Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb on 13th June 2016. CONGRATULATIONS!

LangNet @ MIPRO 2016

Edvin Močibob presented „Revealing the structure of domain specific tweets via complex networks analysis“ at MIPRO 2016 Conference in Opatija on May 31st.

Slobodan Beliga @ Primatijada 2016, Rovinj

Slobodan Beliga presented "Keyword Extraction Techniques" at the scientific part of Primatijada 2016 manifestation which encorporate and promote science from the fields of biology, biotechnology, physics, geophysics, geography, geology, informatics, chemistry, mathematics and polytechnics, bringing together and encouraging cooperation between scientists of STEM disciplines. It was held in Rovinj 11-15 May 2016.


Ana Meštrović participated at kick-off meeting of the European Cooperation for Statistics of Network Data Science (COSTNET) Bruxelles, Belgium, 11.5.2016.

LangNet @ Open Days 2016

LangNet presented "The World of Complex Networks" during Open Days 2016 at the Department of informatics, University of Rijeka, April 19th 2016.

Ana Meštrović @ Birkbeck College, University of London

Ana Meštrović participated at COST Keystone STSM Ontology-based information retrieval: a graph based approach at the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, Birkbeck College, University of London, 4-8 April, 2016.

LangNet @ Keystone

Ana Meštrović and Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić participated at COST Keystone MC & WG Meeting 2016 in Marseilles, France, 22-23 February 2016.

LangNet @ workshop with FIŠ researchers in Rijeka 2016

Research team from Faculty of Information Studies, Novo mesto visited LangNet team and had a meeting on topic Mining Sentiment Classification from News, 5th February 2016 in Rijeka. The meeting was headed by a member of Laboratory of Data Technologies, researcher Jože Bučar.

LangNet @ "Language networks and emotions" research workshop, Rijeka 2015

Research workshop "Language networks and emotions" was held on December 10th 2015 in Rijeka. Topics: Automatic monitoring and evaluation of hate speech in public electronic texts - STOPHATE, EmoCNet projects and report on progress in keyword extraction.

LangNet team @ ITIS2015

Ana Meštrović, Tanja Miličić and Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić presented "Comparison of Language Networks Measures for Legal Texts and Literature" and "Network-based quantification of the scientific collaboration at the University of Rijeka" at the he 7th International Conference on Information Technologies and Information Society (ITIS 2015), taking place on 5-6th November in Novo mesto, Slovenia.

LangNet published II @ Peter Lang 2015

Members of LangNet team Hana Rizvić, Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić, Ana Meštrović and Sabina Šišović published two chapters "Network Motifs Analysis of Croatian Literature" and "Toward Network-based Keyword Extraction from Multitopic Web Documents" in the book Social sciences via network analysis and computation in the series of Peter Lang 2015.

Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić @ IKC2015

Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić chaired Challenge Track at KEYSTONE IKC2015 Conference and presented a paper "Extracting keywords from images: bag-of-visual-words enriched with graph techniques" co-authored with Gjorgji Madjarov. IKC2015 Conference, Coimbra, 8-9 September 2015.

Slobodan Beliga @ KEYSTONE training school: Keyword Search on Big Data

Slobodan Beliga participated at COST Keystone training school Keyword Search on Big Data , Malta, 20-24 July 2015.

LangNet published @ Peter Lang 2015

Members of Langnet team Domagoj Margan, Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić, Ana Meštrović and Lucia Načinović Prskalo published two chapters "Preliminary Report on the Structure of Croatian Linguistic Co-occurrence Networks" and "Prosodic Modelling for Croatian Speech Synthesis" in the book Towards Solving the Challenges with Social Science Computing Methods in the series of Peter Lang 2015.

LangNet @ NetSci 2015

Ana Meštrović, Benedikt Parak and Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić participated at "Language and Network Science Symposium" during Network Science 2015 Internatinal School and Conference, Zaragoza, Spain, June 1-5, 2015.

LangNet @ MIPRO 2015

Domagoj Margan presented „LaNCoA: A Python Toolkit for Language Networks Construction and Analysis “ and Neven Matas presented “Extracting Domain Knowledge by Complex Networks Analysis of Wikipedia Entries” at MIPRO 2015 Conference in Opatija on May 27th .

Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić @ Keystone

Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić participated at COST Keystone Spring WG Meeting 2015 in Košice, Slovakia, 10-11 May 2015.

LangNet @ Open Days 2015

LangNet presented "The World of Complex Networks" during Open Days , April 21st 2015.

LangNet @ UniRi Department of Informatics

Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić will hold Research Class at the Department of Informatics - University of Rijeka, 22nd of April 2015 at 12 AM in room O-358. She will present LangNet and Keystone projects.

LangNet @ iV&L Net

Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić participated at meeting of the iV&L MC & WG4 in Heidelberg, Germany, where she presented the current research in network enabled keyword extraction: "An Overview of Language Complex Networks" on March 11-12th 2015.

LangNet @ „Multilayered language networks“ research workshop, Rijeka

Research workshop "Multilayered language networks" co-organized with „Croatian Orthography and Orthoepy“ project. was held on December 12th 2014 in Rijeka. Topics: multilayered networks of Croatian and English, motif analysis of language networks and formalism for multilayered language networks.

Ana Meštrović @ Society of Math&Phy Rijeka

Ph. D. Ana Meštrović presented a lecture "Discovering Communities in Complex Networks" on 20th November (18:30 o'clock) at the University Departments (campus, room O-029, ground floor) - ABSTRACT.

Slobodan Beliga @ Department of Informatics - UniRi

Slobodan Beliga defended his PhD qualification exam, Department of Informatics - University of Rijeka on 10th November 2014 with subject "Keyword extraction: a review of methods and approaches" (PDF).

LangNet @ ITIS 2014

Langnet team members participated in the 6th International Conference on Information Technologies and Information Society (ITIS 2014), taking place on 5-7th November in Šmarješke toplice, Slovenia with 5 talks: "An Overview of Language Networks: Case of Croatian", "Network Motifs Analysis of English Literature", "Toward a Complex Networks Approach on Text Type Classification". Rok Piltaver, IJS also presented his paper "Comprehensibility of Classification Trees - Survey Design Validation" co-authored with Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić.

LangNet @ SDSW 2014

Slobodan Beliga presented the paper "Toward Selectivity-Based Keyword Extraction for Croatian News" at Surfacing the Deep and the Social Web 2014 worshop (part of 13th International Semantic Web Conference - ISWC 2014) "SDSW 2014", coauthored with Ana Meštrović and Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić, Riva del Garda, Italy, October 19th 2014. (SDSW 2014 proceedings)

LangNet @ Keystone

Slobodan Beliga, Ana Meštrović and Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić participated at COST Keystone meeting "QUERYING THE SEMANTIC WEB" in Riva del Garda, Italy, 17-18 October 2014.

Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić @ IJS Ljubljana

Rok Piltaver presented the paper "Comprehensibility of Classification Trees - Survey Design" at INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Co-authors of the paper are Luštrek Mitja, Gams Matjaž and Martinčić-Ipšić Sanda.

LangNet @ iV&L Net

Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić participated at meeting of the iV&L MC and WG4 Semantic Image and Video Search and WG3 Automatic Generation of Image and Video Descriptions in astonishing Tallinn, Estonia.

LangNet @ International Workshop in Rijeka

LangNet organized International research workshop on 21st July. Members of Slovenian Complex networks group joined us at the Department of informatics for a 1 day workshop.

Benedikt Perak @ FF in Zagreb

Benedikt Perak defended his PhD at Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb on 8th July. CONGRATULATIONS!

LangNet @ MIPRO

Domagoj Margan, Sabina Šišović andd Slobodan Beliga presented our research at IEEE MIPRO in Opatija in May 2014.

LangNet @ NLP Kruzok in Zagreb

Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić presented LangNet group and projects to the natural languge processing community at Faculty of Electrotechnics and Computing in Zagreb, May 2014.

LangNet @ Adriatic Conference Split

Ana Meštrović and Domagaj Margan presented two papers and Sanda Martinčić-Ipšić gave an overview of the project and research plans, April 2014.

LangNet @ Festival Znanosti

Ana Meštrović had an inspiring talk on complex networks at Science Festival in Rijeka, April 2014.

LangNet @ Open Days 2014

LangNet presented the vizualization of networks at 337 laboratory, during the Open days in April 2014.

LangNet @ CompleNet Bologna

Domagoj Margan presented work on shuffling of Croatian networks at CompleNet conference in Bologna, March 2014.

LangNet @ ITIS Slovenia

Domagoj Margan, Kristina Ban and Lucia Načivović-Prskalo presented papers at ITIS conference, November 2013.